Is a self-care routine filled with funky bath products and scented candles not feasible for you? In this post you learn more about how to make your self-care more sustainable and effective.

Next to hygge, self-care might be the most popular thing right now in the blogosphere, and rightly so. Taking care of yourself is an act of self-love and a necessity for everybody. However, the current trend is that you need to have an entire routine including funky bath products, and scented candles. Not that, that is a bad thing, however, it is not realistic, or helpful for everyone and is therefore not sustainable. Self-care should be effective and fit in your lifestyle, which doesn't mean you shouldn't free up time for it. Remember, you're important and you deserve to spend time with yourself.

How to make your self-care sustainable

Make self-care a daily thing

If you spend time on, or, with yourself every day, even if it's just small pockets of time, you are less likely to burn yourself up and then have to resort to a self-care routine that takes up all of that time in one go. Little things like waking up early enough to wake up in peace and get ready for the day, or taking the time to wind down at night can make a huge impact. Use the time you have and make it count.

Set boundaries for yourself

How many times have you sat up in bed with your laptop responding to that one email that popped up in your inbox half an hour ago right before you went to sleep and ended up responding to the ones you didn't get to earlier in the day? Or, doing more work at home after a long and stressful day at the office even though you know that it's bad for your mental health and you'll most likely end up being stressed for the rest of the week because you didn't get the rest you needed. Prevent these scenarios by setting boundaries for yourself. Good organisation and time management can aid in this because it means that you get everything done within your working hours, and you can actually switch off outside those hours. Set an achievable to do list for the day and let co-workers know that you will not be available for the rest of the evening.

Do what is necessary and works for you

You know better than anyone else what you need to function as human being. You probably also know your limits. So, take the time that is necessary to take care of yourself. It doesn't have to be frilly, or glittery, self-care should be first and foremost be about you.

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Your internship can be either great or a horrible experience, I think. Whether your internship is a postive experience is in my opinion entirely up to what you make of it.

You're lucky if you get payed, or if you get treated like an actual employee whom is taken seriously. Being the intern truly can be an awful experience, but you probably have to go through the process at least twice for your studies (in the Netherlands at least). Plus, your internship is probably the time you learn the most of what you can expect when you're being let out in the 'real' world. So, let's start there with making your internship a positive experience.

4 Tips on how to make your internship a positive experience

  1. Don't set high expectations

    Let's not forget that you're the intern. If there is a task that your supervisor doesn't get to because of lack of time, or simply doesn't want to do it, that task will most likely be delegated to you. So, don't expect to be put on big projects just yet. If you do want to get in on a big project, ask your supervisor if it's possible to come along to a meeting, or just ask general questions about the project. This shows your supervisor that you're interested, and if you're lucky, will include you in future projects. Even if you're just included from the sidelines, you're still learning from what is being done.

  2. Don't complain when you have no real reason to

    Complaing is an easy thing to do. If you have a legitimate reason to complain about you're internship, talk to your supervisor at the company, or/and your supervisor at school. However, don't complain about every little thing. Not only does complaining put you in a negative mindset, it also looks unprofessional.

  3. Be a part of the team

    If you act like you're part of the team, your colleagues will treat you as such, and will take you much more seriously. Plus, it makes your work environment a lot more friendly, because you actually build a relationship with the people you're working with.

  4. Set personal goals
    Are there any skills you want to develop during your internship, or do you want to practice something you don't get to do during lectures or any other activity in school? Set goals to do those things during your internship. Be sure to make your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-related), and that the goals fit your function as an intern. By setting goals you make the active decision to learn the things you want to learn, and not just watch the hours go by behind your desk.

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Feeling overwhelmed sucks, and there is not one way that fits everybody to get rid of feeling overwhelmed. However, I do know 10 thing to remember when you feel overwhelmed, with some tips here and there that help me when I feel overwhelmed.

I think everybody knows that feeling that everything is happening at once, or that you just feel generally overwhelmed, no matter what is causing the feeling. The feeling sucks, and there is not one way that fits everybody to get rid of feeling overwhelmed. However, I do know 10 thing to remember when you feel overwhelmed, with some tips here and there that help me when I feel overwhelmed.

10 Things to remember when you feel overwhelmed

  1. This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever, so this feeling, or the miles long to do list won't either.
  2. . You can ask others to help you, it doesn't make you weak, or stupid.
  3. Writing things down can really clear up your mind. Just write everything down, just get every thought, feeling out of your head, and deal with one thing at the time. After doing this I usually feel as if I can focus again.
  4. Sitting down, having a cup of tea and some chocolate will most likely make you feel a lot better. The act of sitting down, and taking a break will calm you down. Try not to think of all the things you have to do, until you're done with your cup of tea (or your beverage of choice).
  5.  You're doing the best you can, you're only human.
  6. Endorphins make people happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands (it's a Legally Blonde reference for those who don't get it). Get some excercise, if you can, and treat it like me-time (it then feels a lot more motivating).
  7. Tidy surroundings will make you feel a lot calmer.
  8. There is always time for a 10 minute walk for some fresh air. This sounds douchey, but fresh air works like magic. Fresh air will clear your head, and will help you to regain focus.
  9.  You're allowed to do everything in your own time, just take the time you need. You don't have to rush towards certain milestones, even if you feel like you have to.
  10. A nap can fix a lot, not everything, but a lot. 

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You know who I'm talking about. That person that always gets in an argument with you, because you don't see eye to eye on a certain topic. That topic could be feminism, racism, mental health or just something random just for the sake of not having to agree with you. You probably get heated at some point during the argument, and say things you might not mean just out of pure frustration. Trust me, I've been there.

It's hard when people (almost purposefully) don't get why you're so passionate about something, don't agree with you on topics that are hard to discuss anyway, or give a response you weren't exactly waiting for. You might wonder how they can't understand that that comment they just made is blatantly racist, or if it's really that hard to believe that all genders should be equal. To me, you have four options in this case.

1. Try to educate that person in such a way that isn't belittling.

Nobody likes to be made to feel dumb, and you'll probably will only get a negative response if you treat people as dumb beings. Guide them to some reading, or a documentary that is educational on the topic, and let them know that if they care about understanding your point of view to read/watch it.

2. Agree to disagree

If that person than still doesn't agree with you, just agree to disagree. This is incredibly hard, and frustrating. However, in some cases it's just healthier to do so.

3. To not let their criticism get to you

This is hard, but lets put their comment in perspective. How does this one person's comment limit you in what you do, and your happiness. Probably (hopefully) not much. So, in the words of Elsa: let it go!

4. Tell them that their words hurt you

However, if someone that is really close to you I can understand that their words can hit you pretty hard. So, talk about it. If someone then doesn't get how they're hurting you, even after explaining to them how it made you feel, and trying to put them in your shoes … Then it might be time to break up with your friend.

How do you deal with people that just don't get it?

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Wondering how to make greener purchases? Buying green doesn't have to be complicated. These 5 easy ways help you to make greener purchases.

Buying green. People either see it as something daunting, and rather not bother with the hassle, or just don't know where to start. Buying green doesn't have to be a hassle, and your contribution does help the environment, even if you don't think it does. With the following 5 easy ways to make greener purchases, you're already helping the environment.

1. Have a look at the materials of the clothes you're buying

Some fabrics are more environmentally conscious than others, you usually pay more for them, but they are more durable, and therefore last longer. When I say environmentally conscious materials, I think about fabrics like tenchel, organic cotton, and modal. Nadine Farag recently did an amazing article on sustainable fabrics over on Man Repeller, so if you haven't read that yet, I highly suggest you go read it.

2. Buy second handed

New clothing has to be produced and made, and therefore impacts the world. If you buy something second handed, that whole process doesn't have to happen. Depop is an app that makes buying second handed clothing and accessoires very easy with it's Instagram style format.

3. Buy animal free

If you've watched the documentary Cowspiracy (if not, it's available on Netflix) you're probably aware of the effects raising animals for food has on the world. Well, the same goes for leather, wool, silk, and other materials derived from animals. So, next time you purchase a bag or shoes, go for a vegan leather option. Matt & Nat do great bags, and Will's vegan shoes does beautiful classic shoes.

4. Lease your jeans

MUD jeans is a fair trade brand that uses BCI certified cotton (read more about BCI here), and you can lease your jeans from them. You pay monthly for a year, and then you get 3 options. One is you keep the jeans, and they're completely yours. The second one is you switch that for a new pair, so you send your old jeans back, pay a switch fee, and receive a new pair. The third one is that you just return the pair of jeans, and you receive a 10 euro voucher. If you return your old pair of jeans, MUD jeans recycles the material. So, not only are you leasing (you can also buy the jeans) a jeans made out of sustainable materials, you're also supporting a great brand. I've tried on a few of their jeans (I'm still trying to figure out what size I'm, the struggle is real when you're curvy but have short legs), and I have to say, these jeans are incredibly comfortable. Click here for more information on the leasing service of MUD jeans.

5. Buy something locally made

If you buy something that is locally made, it's more than likely that the creator/artist has used locally sourced materials (and is therefore more sustainable), and that the product is fairly priced and made.

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