Florals for winter? Actually ground breaking. No, I'm not talking about bright spring appropriate floral patterns, I'm discussing a darker, moody variant that's appropriate for the colder months. Florals might be a bit unconvential for this time of year, but I actually like the contrast it gives to the rougher textures we wear in winter. A floral print softens a (faux) leather biker jacket, or makes a heavy knit look more interesting. To embrace the trend, I've combined 3 fail safe outfits featuring that are either vegan, sustainable, fair-trade, or all of the above.

1. Reformation Delta dress in Donatella $218
2. Nasty Gal Ride On Vegan Leather Cropped Leather jacket $90
3. Matt & Nat Cartier boots €150
4. Matt & Nat Obe bag €135
5. People Tree Climbing Sabi Studs $85

The first outfit option feels like a grown up version of what I would've worn in my first two years of being a student. The outfit is quirky yet still tasteful, and all of the items I've chosen can be worn with other outfits as well. You can also wear the frilly Reformation dress in the warmer months without tights, and without the vegan leather jacket.

1. People Tree V&A Tulip Print jumpsuit $175
2. Matt & Nat Obe bag €135
3. Bourgeois Boheme Olivia loafers $131.25
4. People Tree Larsen jumper $115

Sara Dubbeldam from When Sara Smiles inspired this outfit option. I loved how she layered an oversized roll neck jumper over the People Tree V&A Tulip Print jumpsuit, and the key to make this layered outfit work is by pairing the jumpsuit with an oversized jumper. You can wear this outfit with heeled boots, but I like the relaxed feel of loafers for this cozy look.

1. Reformation Betsy top in Limoncello $148
2. Jan 'n June Europa coat €270
3. People Tree Cynthia trousers $139
4. Matt & Nat Cadillac oxford shoes €95
5. Matt & Nat Ora belt €50
6. Matt & Nat Kishu bag €145

Initially I had another vision for the third and final outfit, but I couldn't find the skirt I had in mind, so I'm glad I stumbled upon this light weight Reformation blouse. I think this outfit has the perfect balance of casual chic and frilly floral print. 
Make up tips for glasses

It took me a while to figure out how to do my make up when I got glasses. I'm near-sighted, so when I wear my glasses, my eyes look slightly smaller than they actually are. So, on top of having to get used to something on my face, I also felt as if something was off, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was. Until I started to experiment with how I did my make up. Did you recently get glasses, and need some help to look like yourself with your new frames? Try the make up tips I've listed below.

3 Make up tips for glasses

1. Line your eyes

I've found that how you line your eyes makes the biggest difference if you're a glasses wearer. If you're near-sighted like me, I suggest you line your eyes in a way that makes your eyes look bigger. You make your eyes look bigger than they are by lining your upper lash line. If you're far-sighted I suggest you line your eyes in a way that makes them look slightly smaller, because if you have far-sighted prescription glasses it can make your eyes look larger than they actually are. You make your eyes look smaller by lining your lower lash line. For both methods you don't have to use black liquid liner, you can also opt for a soft kohl liner, or a matte eyeshadow, and you can use any shade you want as long as it's on the darker side of the color spectrum.

2. Shape your brows

Filling in, or shaping your eyebrows can make all the difference even if you're not wearing glasses. However, I've noticed it's even more noticeable when I've forgotten to do my brows, or have a no-make up day when I wear my glasses.

3. Powder

I wear pretty large glasses, so they do touch the skin on my cheeks, and my glasses obviously sit on my nose, so my face make up does transfer on my glasses. Powdering my skin does combat that, so if you struggle with make up transfering on your glasses, try powdering the areas where your glasses touch your skin.

Halloween season is offically here! I don't need an excuse to watch horror/thrillers, but the darker evenings, and the somber weather of the month October do call for darker movies and TV series. In this post I share a few favorites for Halloween season, and one of my recent discoveries.

What to watch during Halloween season

The Excorcism of Emily Rose

The Excorcism of Emily Rose wasn't the first horror movie I'd ever seen, but it was the first movie t actually scared me. The Excorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on Anneliese Michel's story, Anneliese was someonewho suffered from epilepsy, but didn't receive the medical care she needed because her parents thought she was possesed. Emily Rose's story is similar to Anneliese's, as Emily Rose seems to be possesed by Satan, or is she?


I just started watching Slasher, so I'm going to be selfish, and not look for details to kind of hint at the plot of the show. What I can tell you is that the sole survivor of The Executioner's murders returns to her childhood home where her parents were murdered.


The Scream TV series is your quintessential cheesy yet entertaining American slasher TV series. As the name suggests, Scream is based on the popular slasher movie series of the same name. A group of teenagers in Lakewood are the targets of a serial killer who's inspired by the Brandon James murders that happened 20 years ago. If you're one for Scream nostalgia, then this is a must watch during Halloween season.

American Horror Story: Murder House

There are 8 seasons you can choose from with American Horror Story's unique story-line set up, but I think the first season is the most appropriate for Halloween season. Murder House centers around the family Harmon who move into an old house with a rich history. The title 'Murder House' already hints at it, but the previous inhabitants didn't get the chance to peacefully move out before the Harmon family moved in.

The Addams family

I grew up with The Addams family, and Family values is still one of my favorites, so I can't not include it in this list. If you're also an Addams fan, and want to watch something different than Family Values, I suggest you look for The Addams Family TV series that aired in the 60's. It's the same family you've come the love during the 90's, but maybe slightly creepier if that's even possible.

Rosy Cheeks
Lush Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask was one of my 'when in Sweden' purchases, and my skin is very thankful for this impulse buy. Ever since I got back from Sweden my skin has been more congested than it usually is. Nothing severe, but my skin texture definitely doesn't feel and look as clear as it usually does. So, no need for a harsh treatment, but a kaolin (clay) based mask definitely helps in this situation.

The product run down

Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask contains

  • Kaolin: kaolin has a cleansing effect as it pulls out all of the dirt out of your skin. Plus, it absorbs excess oils, which is great if you struggle with oily skin.

  • Calamine: calamine is great if you have sensitive skin, as Calamine is mild and calming for your skin.

  • Turkish rose oil: rose oil reduces redness, and feels luxurious on the skin.

Lush's fresh face masks don't contain any preservatives, so you need to keep their face masks in the fridge otherwise it will go off. Also, Rosy Cheeks is one of Lush's vegan products, and if you're a Lush fan, Rosy Cheeks smells exactly like Rose jam/Jason and the argan oil. Rosy cheeks has the same sweet, jammy rose scent, yet the scent isn't too overpowering for a face product.

How to use Lush Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask

The instructions on the classic Lush pot instruct you to apply the light pink face mask generously all over your face, avoiding the eye area. You need to let the fresh face mask do it's thing for 10 to 15 minutes, and after those 10 to 15 minutes you need to rinse the mask off with lukewarm water.

When should I try the Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask from Lush?

When you have sensitive skin that usually is under control, but is acting up a little bit with a few breakouts. After using Rosy Cheeks my skin had calmed down, and felt soft and clean. So, I'd recommend to use Rosy Cheeks if your skin is in need of a gently cleansing pick-me-up.

Where to buy Lush Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask

Lush Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask is available online, or in any Lush store near you, and retails for €11,50/$12,95/£7,50.

''Hello life, let's put on something pretty and go.''

A few days ago I jokingly said to my mother ''the amount of self-help books I could write based on our lives the past 3 years''. I mentioned titles such as: 'How to deal with divorced parents as a young adult', 'How to deal with divorced parents as a young adult part 2: what to do when your divorced start dating again, step-parents, and step-siblings', and 'How to deal with the unexpected death of a parent as a young adult'.

My Dad passed away on 27/7/2017, so to say the feelings of grief are still fresh is an understatement. My Dad passed away due to heart complications. Apparently he had had an undetected heart infarction a week or two before he was admitted to the hospital on Monday 24/7/2017, and on that Monday he had a severe second one. After that severe heart infarction, his kidneys and liver were failing, and we also found out about more health issues my Dad kept secret from us (e.g. he had diabetes). Due to his organs failing, and his extremely weak heart, surgery was out of the question at that point, because his body was too weak. My Dad was kept asleep, and we had to wait until his kidneys/bladder would do their job, because he needed his kidneys to be strong enough to even consider some sort of heart surgery. 

He was relatively stable until Tuesday night/Wednesday. At that point he had a high fever, and his doctors suspected that he had a pneumonia, but that was the least of our worries. When we went to say goodnight Wednesday evening (we kept talking to him even though he was asleep), we weren't allowed to go see him, because they were doing something. After waiting for what felt like hours, we were told that they were reanimating him, and that they've been reanimating him for a while. My Dad was put on an artificial heart, and artificial lungs after they successfully reanimated him. However, even though those were used as an emergency solution to keep him alive, the artificial heart and lungs couldn't sustain him. The artificial heart still needed his actual heart to do a little bit of work, and during the night his heart stopped 4 times. 

My mother was the second contact at the hospital (his current partner was the first point of contact, and my mother was the second point of contact to eliminate that extra stress for my brother and I), and she got the phone call that we had to come to the hospital. The doctors did everything they could, but they had to admit defeat. My Dad's partner, my brother and I were with him when he was taken off all of the life support, and my Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep.

It helped me to read the stories of other people who lost a parent at a young age. It made me feel normal in a situation in which I'm 'the girl who lost her father over the summer'.
It made me feel normal to be sad about the reality that my Dad will never get the chance to be a grandpa to my future children, and that my future children will never know my Dad to be the fun and crazy grandpa he would have been. He will never get to meet my future partner, and my future partner will never meet my Dad. My Dad won't be able to attend my graduation ceremony, hell, I'm not even able to tell him about my graduation project I just started. 

It made me feel normal to be angry about the fact that he didn't tell us about his health issues, and that he didn't act upon those health issues. My Dad and I weren't in the best place, however, I know that I would've forgiven him, but I'm angry that I wasn't allowed the time to get to that point, and mend our relationship.

It made me feel normal to be happy about how lucky I am to have the support system of friends and family I have. 
Lush products to try if you're not into bath products

Lush is known for their colorful and fragrant bath bombs, bubble bars and bath melts, but finding something to try that isn't a bath product can be incredibly overwhelming. Well, let's be honest, entering a Lush shop can be overwhelming all on its own. However, that doesn't mean that Lush doesn't sell nice products. Lush sells some real skincare gems that definitely are worth a try if you're not into bath products, but do want to try something from Lush.
Malou Tichelaar

Another Story For Tomorrow is a place where I celebrate ethical fashion and it truly excites me when like-minded people reach out to me to collaborate. Malou emailed me a few weeks ago with the question if I would be willing to do something together, and after a quick Google search and going through her website fair-beads.nl, I figured that an interview with Malou would be incredibly interesting. I have a lot of respect for people who choose to find ways to help others in a sustainable and ethical way, and Malou is definitely one of those people. So, before I keep on rambling, let me introduce you to Malou Tichelaar and her brand FairBeads!

Why you should experience different perspectives

Once you've curated a feed, or multiple feeds, of content providers you enjoy consuming, you create a bubble. It's nice in that bubble. You only read, watch, or listen to content that is either in line with your ideals, or at least close to it. This gives you a one-sided perspective on the world, and it's completely fine if you're after that, but I think it's healthy to read from an opposing perspective as well. I'm not saying that you should agree with whatever you're reading, but reading from an opposing perspective can provide you either with information to distance you even further from that perspective, or you might be able to question your own convictions.

Angling, and is there only one truth?

Each news outlet angles their information differently. With angling I mean that news outlets mold information into a story that fits them, or in some cases, fits their motives. I know this isn't news for many, but from the way people in my Facebook timeline respond to (fake) news articles, I think it's only healthy to mention it. I use the word healthy, because I see so many shared news articles in my timelines/feeds with a thread of passionate comments that are written with the belief that the shared news article is the truth, and the only truth. As I mentioned, I think that that gives you a one-sided perspective on a topic, and as that might be comfortable, it isn't balanced. 

Why you should make the effort to read multiple newspapers.

One of the easiest ways to get a diverse perspective on what is going on in the world is by reading newspapers from different parts of the world. You can also read newspapers from which you know that they have contrary beliefs to your own beliefs. I know it isn't the easiest thing to do, and it does take time. However, if you're a Facebook commenter (come on, we all know who I mean here), then you put in energy to pour a part of your passion into a comment on a post that you most likely also put energy in to find that post, then why shouldn't you take the time to read opposing pieces? I'm not only trying to get the social media neighborhood troll to become a well-informed troll, if you feel a little bit too safe in your curated media bubble, I also urge you to read or watch news from outlets that are out of your comfort zone.